The name "Kamado" means the stove in Japanese. Kamado is a traditional charcoal barbecue made of ceramic.

It is recognized by cooking specialists as the reference for barbecue for its reliability, ease of use and versatility. It can grill, grab, braise or smoke.

The Kamado is capable of withstanding extremely high or low temperatures.

The Kokko ceramic barbecue is made with a very thick and insulating ceramic.

The insulation allows a very high concentration of heat and to cook food in no time with a minimum of effort.

Unlike a metal barbecue, the Kokko requires very little charcoal thanks to the ceramic material that provides perfect insulation and temperature concentration.

A metal barbecue will require a lot of charcoal to compensate for heat loss. The more coal you use, the more air you need to maintain constant temperatures. This air can also quickly dry out meat, often causing it to shrink.

With the Kokko ceramic barbecue, you will need little charcoal due to its efficiency, so less air and less moisture retention, which will make your dishes tender and tasty.