The Kokko is a kamado. A kamado is a ceramic egg-shaped barbecue of Japanese origin. It is becoming more and more popular among traditional barbecues thanks to its versatility, as well as its ease of use and maintenance. With a kamado, you can grill, smoke, roast and cook all your food, together or separately. The temperature control is very precise: the thick ceramic structure allows the heat to be efficiently retained, even for more than 12 hours. This barbecue also has the advantage of consuming very little charcoal.

"Buying a kamado is like owning a barbecue, a smoking room and a roasting pan in one cooking appliance. Thanks to the accessories, you can even bake pizzas, cakes and use them as a griddle."

5 possible cooking types:

for grilling, smoking, roasting, searing, baking and high or low temperature cooking.

Fast and convenient:

spend less time lighting and monitoring the barbecue. Turning off the kamado and recovering the ashes is done in a few minutes.

Reliable and durable:

Our kamado uses a thick and resistant ceramic. It can be left outside all year round.

The Japanese kamado is used for direct and indirect cooking. You can cook everything with it: meat, fish, vegetables, etc. Shaped like an egg, the kamado works like a rotary heat furnace thanks to the flow of hot air that circulates uniformly throughout the tank. Unlike a metal barbecue, the Kokko requires very little charcoal thanks to the ceramic, which makes for perfect insulation and concentration of heat.

A metal barbecue requires a lot of charcoal to compensate for heat loss. The more coal you use, the more air you need to maintain constant temperatures. This air can also quickly dry out meat, often causing it to shrink.

With the Kokko ceramic barbecue, you will need little charcoal because there is a better concentration of heat. This means less air to dry food, which will make your dishes tender and tasty.

The Japanese kamado is extremely easy to operate. During cooking, air flows evenly from the bottom, passing through the coals and exiting through the chimney. The coals get warmer and warmer because they are constantly fanned by the passing air flow.


The kamado is equipped with two ventilation sources to manage the air flow. These vents are positioned at the top and bottom of the Kamado and can be easily adjusted.

When you have finished cooking, the easiest way to turn it off is to close the two vents and the lid. Oxygen no longer enters and the coals are no longer supplied, putting out the fire.

We are a French company based in Lyon. Our kamados are manufactured in a traditional way with a very high ceramic thickness that ensures a long life.

In addition to ceramics, all components are made of stainless steel or enamelled cast iron designed to withstand the elements.

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