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Uses and Advantages

The Kokko is quick and easy to start. It only takes about fifteen minutes to start cooking.

It is perfectly capable of maintaining a constant cooking temperature ranging between 100°C to 400°C.

It is also possible to keep a low temperature for more than 12 hours for smoking food.

This barbecue uses charcoal as a source of combustion, so it is 100% natural and economical.

The Kokko ceramic barbecue allows for quick and easy lighting.

Open the cover of the Kokko, remove the stainless-steel grid and place three to four sheets of newsprint folded into a ball at the bottom of the Kokko on the black cast iron plate. You can add one or two fire starters for greater efficiency.

Arrange your charcoal around the newspaper and fire starters . Light the newspaper with a match or gas lighter and let it burn for 40 to 60 seconds before closing the dome.

Now close the cover and gently open the chimney and trapdoor at the bottom of the Kokko. Due to the high air circulation, the coals will be ready in a few minutes.

Open the cover about five minutes after lighting and burning the fire starters . The charcoal starts to turn red, meaning it is glowing, and you can start cooking!

With the stainless-steel ash puller, you can stir your coals and distribute them in the Kokko if necessary.

You can now adjust the heat by limiting the air flow through the chimney and/or the bottom hatch. To sequence cooking, you can also add coal if necessary.


The key to perfect cooking with the Kokko is to control the temperature.

For optimal cooking, the first thing to know is that you must reach a temperature higher than the desired one and then let the coal cool down. To reduce the temperature of the coal, it is enough to close the vents so that it is less supplied with oxygen.

In general, the opening at the bottom of the Kokko is the element that will have the most influence on the coal temperature. The type of charcoal and its quality can significantly affect the air control of the Kokko barbecue.

The Kokko ceramic barbecue is extremely easy to operate. During cooking, air flows evenly from the bottom, passing through the coals and exiting through the chimney. The coals get getting warmer and warmer because they are constantly fueled by the air.

The key to perfect cooking with the Kokko is to control the temperature.

To find the perfect temperature, simply adjust the air flow through the chimney and the trapdoor at the bottom of the barbecue. The more air you let into the Kokko, the more the coals will glow and the higher the temperature will get.

The cover of the Kokko is equipped with a thermometer for accurate measurements during cooking, providing easy temperature control.


Kokko offers tasty cooking with a unique flavour. With the Kokko, you will discover an exceptional way of cooking, recognized by the greatest chefs as being the best type of barbecue in the world.

The ceramic barbecue uses charcoal pieces.

Its rounded shape allows excellent heat circulation.

The very thick ceramic structure of the Kokko offers perfect insulation.


Cooking can be on high heat or very low temperature, for slower cooking.

To obtain smoky flavours, simply leave the lid closed and open the trapdoor at the bottom of the Kokko.

If you like smoky flavours, simply leave the dome closed and open the trapdoor at the bottom of the barbecue.

To obtain a more classic taste, open the chimney to 1/3 and the trapdoor at the bottom of the Kokko to 2/3.


The Kokko ceramic barbecue is a top-of-the-line product. It is manufactured in a traditional way, with the best materials and components to make it an exceptional product.

The Kokko's exterior coating ensures high durability over time because the ceramic is very thick and resistant. The colour of the Kokko is preserved even after several years of use.

The entire Kokko can be left outdoors all year round, without risk of rust or damage. All other components are made of stainless steel or enamelled (for the chimney) and are weatherproof.

The Kokko can be used all year round, regardless of the season. It is protected from the climate thanks to the ceramic’s insulation.