How to light the Kokko ceramic barbecue?

The Kokko ceramic barbecue allows a quick and easy lighting at the same time.

Open the dome of the Kokko, remove the stainless steel grate and place 3 to 4 sheets of newspaper at the bottom of the Kokko on the black cast iron plate.

You can add one or two firelights for greater efficiency.

Place your charcoal on top.

Light the newspaper with a match and let it burn for 40 to 60 seconds before closing the dome.

Now close the cover and gently open the chimney and trapdoor at the bottom of the Kokko, allowing good air circulation.

With the stainless steel poker, you can stir your coals.

5 minutes after lighting and burning the paper, the charcoal will start to take on red. 5 minutes later, your charcoal is glowing, the cooking can start!

You can start adjusting the heat by limiting the air flow through the chimney and/or the bottom hatch. You can add coal if necessary.