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Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning your Kokko ceramic barbecue is an important step in ensuring its durability.

Ashes should be emptied regularly after cooking so as not to interfere with good air circulation.

Good quality coal will always leave less ash than cheap coal.

The maintenance of the Kokko is really simple. The stainless-steel grids are thick and allow for quick cleaning. A stainless-steel straw or a brush is recommended for cleaning the grates thoroughly.

The inner ceramic part can be brushed occasionally. However, it is normal for cream-coloured ceramics to turn black as they are used.

The ashes of the Kokko are collected directly in a stainless-steel bin. Once the coal is cold, the ashes can be placed in a bin.

Inside the Kokko is a cast iron plate with many holes for air to pass through. Make sure that the holes are not blocked. This plate can be cleaned with water and then dried.

The outer part of the Kokko is made of tiny ceramic tiles. This ceramic can be cleaned with soapy water and a cloth, or with a special ceramic product.