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Cooking methods

The principle of direct cooking is to place the food directly on the stainless-steel grill of the Kokko barbecue, directly over the fire. This cooking technique is the most common when it comes to barbecuing.

This cooking method is very effective for foods that require a short cooking time, such as tender vegetables or chops for example.

Direct cooking over the fire is a fast method of cooking, which should not exceed 10 minutes.

Raised direct cooking is made possible thank to the stainless-steel cooking grid, which can be placed at different heights. Thanks to an elevated cooking area, the food benefits from the radiant heat of the dome. Placed about 20 - 25 cm from the embers, the food cooks slower and is therefore tastier. This also makes it possible to obtain more crisp and crunchy foods.

Indirect cooking is the use of heat from the fire without direct contact between food and flames. The Kokko barbecue has this cooking mode thanks to the heat deflector that can be positioned inside the barbecue. There are two types of deflectors: Ceramic stone, which also makes it possible to cook pizzas or bread and lava stone, which also makes it possible to cook meat or fish, giving them a particular flavour.

The ceramic or lava stone heat deflector is very thick. It acts as a thermal barrier.

Its objective is to maintain the air flow to regulate the temperature inside the barbecue and thus obtain strong and homogeneous heat, transforming the Kokko barbecue into a real oven.

The Kokko barbecue allows you to cook food that does not require the same cooking methods. It is capable of combining direct and indirect cooking in a single device. Thanks to the ceramic half plate, it is possible to have two distinct cooking zones. You can cook like an oven and a grill, for searing your meat pieces.

Smoking food consists of exposing food to smoke so that it can be smoked without cooking it. The temperature should be low, about 100°C (225 F). The smoking time must be slow, between 5 and 15 hours.

Traditionally, barbecuing is slow and low, bringing out the best flavor in the food. The result is exceptional.

In somewhat technical terms, during slow cooking, the connective tissues of meat, as well as collagen, melt, leaving behind the soft and juicy tissues. This type of cooking is ideal with the Kokko ceramic barbecue.