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Kokko in the biggest restaurants

Kokko in the best restaurants

Originally from Japan, this cooking method has survived the centuries and the Kamado has become a must in the greatest kitchens! Today adopted by the greatest names in gastronomy throughout the world, its efficiency and versatility make it the ideal barbecue for all cooks. Already present in more than 50 restaurants, the Kokko barbecue reinvents cooking and accompanies the greatest chefs!

Kokko's cuisine attracts the greatest chefs!

Born in Lyon, in the city of gastronomy, it is not by chance that our Kokko is now present in more than 50 establishments in Europe. From the tapas bar to the gastronomic restaurant, the Kokko barbecue is the partner of all cuisines. We are also very proud to equip several Michelin starred restaurants.
In 2022, the legendary restaurant, Paul Bocuse Le Restaurant, also got its Kokko kamado!

An innovative cooking style at Kokko

The Kokko kamado can be used for many different types of cooking: smoking, roasting, grilling, searing, baking... The possibilities are endless!

In the Kokko barbecue, chefs can work with products in different ways, and can let their creativity speak for itself to create daring and, above all, delicious recipes! The ceramic material retains the heat perfectly, giving the food a delicately smoky taste. Another advantage is that the Kokko uses very little charcoal, which prevents the food from drying out, unlike a traditional barbecue.
Would the barbecue be reserved for cooking meat? Not so sure! In fact, the Parisian restaurant B.Better offers an entirely vegetal cuisine, prepared in our Kokko!

Our chefs' recipes on video

The high-precision barbecue

Perfection in cooking is a fundamental rule in the kitchen. To achieve this, the Kokko barbecue is your main ally. It offers perfect temperature control thanks to its thick ceramic structure. In addition, chefs appreciate the built-in thermometer that allows them to control the heat inside the Kokko!

The map of restaurants that cook with the Kokko in Europe

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