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Kokko XL

Kokko XL

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Colours :
  • black Verynight
  • blue Verynavy
  • blue Veryocean
  • red Verycoral
  • grenn Veryolive
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Why choose the Kokko?

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Stainless steel grate 47 cm in diameter

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Kokko for 10 people or more

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    A multifunctional appliance: barbecue, smoker, plancha, pizza oven, rotisserie

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    5 pretty colors to choose from

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Very easy to use and maintain

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    10-year warranty on all parts

A professional quality smokehouse barbecue

plancha emaillee 2 feux creative

8 mm thick stainless steel grid

plancha inox 2 feux creative

Very thick ceramic structure: 30 mm thick

3 achat plancha inox 2 feux creative

Thermometer integrated in the cover

4 achat plancha inox 2 feux creative

Air intake adjustment flap

5 achat plancha emaillee 2 feux creative

Cast iron chimney to regulate the air supply

6 achat plancha inox 2 feux creative

Bamboo handle

How to use the Kokko?

47 cm diameter grid      Expandable and scalable cooking surface      Facile d'utilisation      10-year warranty

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The Kokko's materials are carefully selected for an easy to use barbecue.

The Kokko is very easy to use because it is a barbecue that can be lit in just a few minutes thanks to the air circulation. This barbecue is available with an 8mm thick stainless steel grill to cook both large pieces of meat or fish and delicate foods such as vegetables or seafood. The temperature is easily controlled thanks to the thermometer integrated in the cover.

The thickness of the ceramic allows a high concentration of heat which allows fast cooking without drying out the food.

How to maintain the Kokko?

plancha emaille entretenir

The Kokko is very easy to maintain.

The ashes are concentrated at the bottom of the Kokko to be easily recovered at the end of the cooking process. The stainless steel grids of the Kokko are 8mm thick, which makes them very easy to clean. A sponge with water and soap is enough to maintain the Kokko.

Maintenance is simplified thanks to the materials used for the Kokko.

How to transform the Kokko for other cooking?

accessoires plancha creative

The Kokko is a multifunctional equipment.

The Kokko is available with a wide range of accessories to transform it into a smoker, griddle, rotisserie, pizza oven. Cooking is easy and allows you to create a real outdoor kitchen on the same equipment.

Kokko Warranty

plancha gaz emaille garantie

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    10-year warranty on the entire product

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    As a manufacturer, Kokko guarantees fast and complete support in the event of a product malfunction.

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Replacement of any parts if necessary and free telephone assistance


picto-list-ficheproduit.png    The Kokko in the chosen colour

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    A stainless steel grid 47cm in diameter

picto-list-ficheproduit.png   A ceramic tank to deposit its coals

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    3 hooks to hang your accessories on the Kokko

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    1 installation guide

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    3 small ceramic feet to put the Kokko on the ground


Data sheet

55 cm / 22 inch
Height - Kokko alone
80 cm / 31.5 inch
Height - Kokko with trolley
120 cm / 47 inch
10 years, all parts
Ceramic structure
30 mm. thick
Stainless steel grill
8 mm. thick - 47 cm / 18.5 inch diameter

Specific References


    What is the satisfied or refunded guarantee?

    Kokko offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee (from the date of receipt of your package) to return your products to us if you are not satisfied.

    Upon receipt of your package, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, simply contact our customer service by phone at +33 (0) 4 82 53 76 13 (not surcharged) or by contact form.

    The refund of your order will be made within 24 hours after receipt of the returned package.

    What is included in the warranty on the Kokko barbecue and how long does it last?

    The Kokko barbecue is guaranteed for 10 years all parts.

    The entire product is therefore included in the warranty. You will not have to pay any additional costs to change a part. Everything is done remotely by sending the part to be replaced at our expense.

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