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Kokko Lovers' Reviews

Opinions of Kokko Lovers

Very happy with this kamado

Ordered today. I would like to thank Lucas for his friendly welcome and for all the information he provided.

Don't change a thing!

Once again, after having already bought the KOKKO, I wanted other accessories and the service is as impeccable as ever.

French company

The online purchase went very well, the correspondents are very efficient and get back to you quickly.

Responsive customer service

I've had a kokko for 1 and a half years and I can say that this barbecue is really great and easy to use.

After-sales service available and contactable in France

Very good customer experience. Intuitive site with clear advice and explanations.

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Beneficial for my catering services

From the outset I was very interested in the Kokko kamado and the online support was really very professional and very helpful.

A magnificent product of excellent quality!

Bought in advance as a little surprise for my partner for Christmas, magnificent product and excellent quality, he'll be happy!

A team of young enthusiasts!

Very serious site, these ovens are really good. very fast delivery.

Still addicted to Kokko

I used to think I'd mastered barbecuing... . Then I discovered the Kokko. And now I know... that I didn't know anything. This "thing" is fabulous. Now I want to go up a size, without hesitation.

A treat for the whole family

Hello, the sales team answered all my questions and was able to advise me on the choice of product I ordered.

Many thanks to Christophe

A big thank you to Christophe for his welcome and the information he provided. I'm looking forward to receiving the Kokko.

Always efficient

We're delighted with our KOKKO. It's beautiful, and brings our friends together to enjoy top-quality food.

To try it is to adopt it.

Beyond the beauty of the object, this barbecue is incredible! It's easy to move around and easy to use, and it cooks like crazy: even a simple chicken becomes a delicious meal.

Pizzeria-style pizzas

Excellent Kamado barbecue! We are very happy with our purchase.

Very clear instructions for use

We are delighted with our Kokko after two professional installers installed it on our terrace.

Only quality products

My husband and I are very pleased and surprised by the excellent quality of our kokko.

Meat is melt-in-the-mouth

Not only is it a beautiful object that intrigues new visitors, but the meat is melting, the fish tasty, the cakes moist and the pizzas cooked in 7 minutes!

Happy with our purchase

We've had a Kokko since April 2021, and it's been great to use. After-sales service responsive to the slightest problem

I highly recommend it.

First time at Kokko and really superb experience. Christophe took good care of me and is really attentive.

Products delivered in 72 hours

Online advice is fast and very useful. The products are in stock and delivered within 72 hours. Nothing to say, everything is perfect so far.

The barbecue I've been dreaming of for some time

Great discussions with the sales team. Very responsive, attentive and accommodating, it's a win-win situation.

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A real pleasure to use

Many thanks to Tom from Kokko customer service. Remarkable welcome and support!

Unrivalled equipment

Hello, perfect, user-friendly website, easy ordering, telephone call back from the company for clever, judicious advice.

Very high quality

Today we're receiving our new KOKKO Barbecue, which is magnificent and of very high quality.

I am delighted with my purchase of "KOKKO XL 22" with metal trolley

I really recommend this site, very professional, I had a problem with the seal on the lid and without hesitation they changed it for me.

Superb experience

Superb experience and people who listen. Quick to answer questions. Great service. I'm looking forward to receiving my Kokko.

Kokkorico !

Really a top product! Delivery was very quick and the Kokko was superbly packaged.

Impressed by the quality

Thank you very much, I received the Kamado Kokko yesterday morning. Everything is perfect. I am impressed by the quality of the materials.

A marvel, thank you all.

Thank you to the entire KOKKO team for their professionalism, top notch, responsive, serious, and the KOKKO Japanese kamado a marvel, thank you all.

As seductive as ever

The customer relationship is just PERFECT! Contact with the sales department was excellent.

Perfect in every way

I am very satisfied with the contact with the Kokko team. I wanted to buy a good quality Kamado and I am not disappointed with my purchase.

Very good equipment

It's a great product with an excellent team who are very attentive and very professional! I recommend it because it's very good equipment.

Exceptional responsiveness

This is the second time I have ordered from kokko Lyon. I am very happy with the barbecue and the customer service.

Kokko is life !

We work with the Kokko in our vegan restaurant B.Better. This BBQ is the key to our success and our uniqueness. Thank you for this wonderful work tool that never breaks down!

A real pleasure

We're delighted with our Kokko! We've discovered a different cooking method that's perfect for our pizzas, pulled pork, duck breasts...

Des cuissons parfaites et variées

As well as being able to cook to perfection in a variety of ways, the Kokko is the perfect decorative touch for my garden.

Kokko at the top!

Top kokko barbecue. Extraordinary cooking. I would recommend this investment without hesitation.

Variety of cooking methods

Super barbecue, beautiful and very efficient, with little or no maintenance and a wide range of cooking methods. Would definitely recommend it.

Designer products

Super site, beautiful products, great design and top-notch customer service! My son came back smitten with this top-quality BBQ. So I ordered it in XL!

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