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Stainless steel trolley for Kokko

Stainless steel trolley for Kokko

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Why choose the stainless steel trolley for your Kokko?

The stainless steel trolley is ergonomic and allows you to place your Kokko for easy movement.

The stainless steel trolley is mounted on 4 large wheels that allow the Kokko to be moved in its garden or on its terrace. This stainless steel design trolley will allow you to create your outdoor kitchen. The wheels of the stainless steel trolley are equipped with a brake system to be able to lock the Kokko. To complete this stainless steel trolley, you can add up to 4 bamboo trays on the Kokko.

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Brushed stainless steel trolley

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Perfectly adjusted trolley on the Kokko

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    4 off-road wheels with integrated brakes

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Compatible with bamboo trays


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